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Let's Aim for 100% on High Attendance Day

Let's Aim for 100% on High Attendance Day

This Wednesday, Sept. 13, Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) will participate in Kentucky’s "High Attendance Day," sponsored by the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel. Elementary, middle, and high schools will compete to determine who has the highest percent attendance at each level. Statewide bragging rights are at stake!

High Attendance Day is an excellent reminder that regular attendance throughout the year is essential. "Without question, students who arrive on time and attend school each day are more likely to succeed in the classroom and grow socially and emotionally," said FCPS Director of Pupil Personnel Steve Hill.  

Starting in kindergarten, missing 10 percent of school can make it harder to learn to read. That is just a day or two every few weeks. Research shows that missing 18 days in a school year, or two days a month, can result in lower test scores and retention in later grades. By sixth grade, absenteeism is a sign that a student might drop out of high school.

Help FCPS lead the state as we aim for 100% attendance on Wednesday, Sept. 13!  

Tips for Families:

  • Talk to your child about why going to school every day is important unless they are truly sick.
  • Set a regular bedtime and morning routines so that your child can develop healthy habits and maintain on-time attendance.
  • If your child seems reluctant to go to school, find out why.
  • When possible, avoid scheduling medical appointments and extended trips when school is in session.
  • Reach out to your child’s teacher, principal, or school counselor if your family has challenges with health, housing, or transportation that affect school attendance. Let us know how we can help support your student!