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A New Way Forward

With gratitude to the more than 20,000 students, employees, families, and community members who lent their voices to this collaborative effort, Fayette County Public Schools embarked on A New Way Forward after the adoption of a new strategic plan in May 2022. Built upon our commitment to nurturing the development and well-being of the whole child, this five-year strategic plan articulates the path to a future where every student is actively engaged in challenging instruction tailored to their strengths, interests, and needs.

We are committed to creating a future where a child’s ZIP code, native language, culture, race, exceptionality, or background does not define their trajectory. It's a future where all children are exposed to the endless possibilities that await them after high school, encouraged to discover a pathway to making their dreams a reality, and empowered with the learning, experiences, and support they need to achieve their unlimited potential.

graphic with education icons and an elementary student, to promote the FCPS rebranding