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FCPS Departments Directory

If you need help at the district level, please call (859) 381-xxxx for a specific office or email the point of contact.


Academic Services -4100 ext. 4365, Morgan Jones

Assessment -4100, Cathy Bowers

Athletics -4769, Rob Sayre


Benefits & Insurance (FCPS employees) -4131, Jackie Terhune or -4154, Carol Coleman

Budget & Financial Planning -4709, Asia Follensbee


Career & Technical Education (CTE) -2102, Amanda Wickersham

Child Nutrition (Food Service) -3846, Jessica Morgison

Communications & Public Engagement / district spokeswoman -4100 ext. 4312, Dia Davidson-Smith

Communications -4496, Katie Williams

Creative Media Productions -4256, Robert Lewis


Deputy Superintendent's Office -4102, Louise Dobbins


Early Childhood Education -4105, Danna Becker

Economic Development -3817, Sarah Gaines

Employment Applications -4345 Veronica Murrell or -4190, Kim Smith

English Learners Office -4179, Martha Rodriguez

Enrollment -4130, Christina Moore

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP, formerly MUNIS) -4764, Toni Milam


Facility Design & Construction -3826, Lisa Clark

Facility Usage -4794, Heidi Reihing

Family & Community Engagement -4241, Miranda Scully

Financial Accounting & Benefits Services -4141, Casondra Jones

Fine Arts -4100 ext. 4847, Donna Austin

Food Service (Child Nutrition) -3846, Jessica Morgison


Gifted & Talented Services -4727, GT staff

Grants Programming -2121, Lisa McNary

Grounds & Custodial Support -3822, Angela Hermes


Health Services -3849, Debbie Boian

Help Desk / Technology -HELP (4357)

Human Resources -4740, HR staff


Infinite Campus (student records) -4137, IC staff 

Information & Analytics -4461, Casey King

Innovation -2100, Ron Chi

Interpreting & Translation Services -2131, Daniela Campos


Job Listings -4345, Veronica Murrell or -4190, Kim Smith


Kindergarten -4105, Danna Becker


Legal Services -4728, Caroline Hellard

Library & Instructional Resources -3881, Karen Goocey

Logistical Services (warehouse) -3877, Sharon Keys


Magnet Schools -2105, Vee Pryor

Maintenance -3912, Chris Pepplitsch

Migrant Education Program -4777, Lisa Hillenbrand

Multilingual and Gifted & Talented Services -4179, Rose Santiago


Operations -4165, Sherry Price


Payroll -4148, Kimberly Stevens

Police -4200, Andrea Raglin

Preschool -4105, PreK staff

Printing Services, aka Print Shop -4162, Curt Demott

Professional Learning -4100, Cathy Bowers

Pupil Personnel -4130 Christina Moore

Purchasing -4100 ext. 4735, Rachel Sloan


Risk Management & Safety -3827, Carole Humkey


Safe Schools Office -4311, Sara Pickering

School Board -4104, Andria Jackson

School Leadership:

Special Education -4171, Cassandra Gatewood

Student Support Services (guidance, social work, mental  health, etc.) -4198, Monica Tribble or -4326, Sheila Clark

Superintendent's Office -4104, Andria Jackson

Sustainability (cell) 619-6472, Tresine Logsdon


Tax Collection Office -4159, Tax staff

Teaching & Learning -4650, Jenie Webb

Technology -4134, Becca Collins

Title I Office -4249, Janine Zombek

Transportation (school buses) -3855, Tracy Gilkison


Unity, Belonging, & Student Efficacy -4100 ext. 4549, Liz Coffey


Warehouse -3877, Sharon Keys

Website -4236, Tammy Lane

World Language Programs -4749, Laura R. Youngworth


District Level

Please look under our Department sections for more details, or call the receptionist's line in the John D. Price Administration Building for a phone transfer to a specific district-based employee:

(859) 381-4100

School Contacts

Schools Directory

Note: The person listed in the gold, orange, or green bar is the district-based leader (chief) who oversees that group of schools.

Look on each school's website under the "About Us" menu tab for a link to their complete Staff Directory.