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FCPS Departments Directory

New Phone Numbers

Summer updates: We are transitioning from 381 to 422 numbers throughout the school district. During the rollout, the webmaster will gradually update phone numbers throughout this site. Thanks for your patience. For assistance, call the switchboard at (859) 381-4100 or 422-4100.

If you need help at the district level, please call (859) 381-xxxx for a specific office or email the point of contact linked below.


Academic Services -4100 ext. 4365, Morgan Jones

Assessment -4100, Cathy Bowers

Athletics -4769, Rob Sayre


Benefits & Insurance (FCPS employees) -4131, Jackie Terhune or -4154, Carol Coleman

Budget & Financial Planning -4709, Asia Follensbee


Career & Technical Education (CTE) -2102, Amanda Wickersham

Child Nutrition (Food Service) -3846, Jessica Morgison

Communications & Public Engagement / district spokeswoman -4100 ext. 4312, Dia Davidson-Smith

Communications -4496, Katie Williams

Creative Media Productions -4256, Robert Lewis


Deputy Superintendent's Office -4102, Louise Dobbins


Early Childhood Education -4105, Danna Becker

Economic Development -3817, Sarah Gaines

Employment Applications -4345 Veronica Murrell or -4190, Kim Smith

English Learners Office -4179, Martha Rodriguez

Enrollment -4130, Christina Moore

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP, formerly MUNIS) -4764, Toni Milam


Facility Design & Construction -3826, Lisa Clark

Facility Usage, Tanner Petrey for JDP Building; Brannon Hager for elsewhere

Family & Community Engagement -4241, Miranda Scully

Financial Accounting & Benefits Services -4141, Casondra Jones

Fine Arts -4100 ext. 4847, Donna Austin

Food Service (Child Nutrition) -3846, Jessica Morgison


Gifted & Talented Services -4727, GT staff

Grants Programming -2121, Lisa McNary

Grounds & Custodial Support -3822, Angela Hermes


Health Services -3849, Debbie Boian

Help Desk / Technology -4357 (-HELP), now 422-5555

Human Resources -4740, HR staff


Infinite Campus (student records) -4137, IC staff 

Information & Analytics -4461, Casey King

Innovation -2100, Ron Chi

Interpreting & Translation Services -2131, Daniela Campos


Job Listings -4345, Veronica Murrell or -4190, Kim Smith


Kindergarten -4105, Danna Becker


Legal Services -4728, Caroline Hellard

Library & Instructional Resources -3881, Karen Goocey

Logistical Services (warehouse) -3877, Sharon Keys


Magnet Schools -2105, Vee Pryor

Maintenance -3912, Chris Pepplitsch

Migrant Education Program -4777, Lisa Hillenbrand

Multilingual and Gifted & Talented Services -4179, Rose Santiago


Operations -4165, Sherry Price


Payroll -4148, Kimberly Stevens

Police -4200, Andrea Raglin

Preschool -4105, PreK staff

Printing Services, aka Print Shop -4162, Curt Demott

Professional Learning -4100, Cathy Bowers

Pupil Personnel -4130 Christina Moore

Purchasing -4100 ext. 4735, Rachel Sloan


Risk Management & Safety -3827, Carole Humkey


Safe Schools Office -4311, Sara Pickering

School Board -4104, Andria Jackson

School Leadership:

Special Education -4171, Cassandra Gatewood

Student Support Services (guidance, social work, mental  health, etc.) -4198, Monica Tribble or -4326, Sheila Clark

Superintendent's Office -4104, Andria Jackson

Sustainability (cell) 619-6472, Tresine Logsdon


Tax Collection Office -4159, Tax staff

Teaching & Learning -4650, Jenie Webb

Technology -4134, Becca Collins

Title I Office -4249, Janine Zombek

Transportation (school buses) -3855, Tracy Gilkison


Unity, Belonging, & Student Efficacy -4100 ext. 4549, Lizzie Coffey


Warehouse -3877, Sharon Keys

Website -4236, Tammy Lane

World Language Programs -4749, Laura R. Youngworth


District Level

Please look under our Department sections for more details, or call the receptionist's line in the John D. Price Administration Building for a phone transfer to a specific district-based employee:

(859) 381-4100

School Contacts

Schools Directory

Note: The person listed in the gold, orange, or green bar is the district-based leader (chief) who oversees that group of schools.

For a link to their complete staff directory, look on the school website under the "About Us" menu tab or in the page footer under "Resources."