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Who decides what Title I program a school will have?

The district decides. After analyzing data, each school determines its area(s) of need. Based on the identified needs, each school develops a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, complete with goals and strategies to meet students' needs. The schoolwide program chosen makes up some or all of the strategies the leaders plan to use to increase student achievement.

Who is eligible to receive services in a Title I schoolwide program?

A Title I school with a schoolwide program does not identify particular students for service. Instead, all students are provided the opportunity to meet the national, state and local academic expectations through the improved educational program. The flexibility of the Title I schoolwide program allows schools to tailor their educational programs to fit the needs of all their students.

What is a targeted assistance school?

A targeted assistance school is one that receives Title I, Part A funds yet is ineligible or has chosen not to operate a Title I schoolwide program. The term "targeted assistance" signifies that the services are provided to a select group of children -- those identified as failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet Kentucky's learning goals --rather than for overall school improvement, as in schoolwide programs.

Like schoolwide programs, the goal of a targeted assistance schools is to improve teaching and learning. To accomplish this goal, a targeted assistance program must:

  • Use effective instructional strategies,
  • Coordinate with and support the regular education program,
  • Provide instruction by highly qualified and trained professional staff,
  • Implement strategies to increase parental involvement.

Targeted assistance schools must minimize removing children from the regular classroom during regular school hours. The use of in-class models and collaborative teaching are ways that schools can minimize pull-outs. (Title I Handbook, Volume II, pg. G1203 & G1213).

Who is eligible to receive services in a Title I targeted assistance program?

The school identifies children who are failing or most at risk of failing to meet the academic expectations and having greatest academic need for special assistance. Children who are economically disadvantaged, children with disabilities, migrant children and limited English proficient children are eligible for Title I services on the same basis as other children selected for services. From the list of eligible children, the school selects those who have the greatest need for special assistance in the Title I focus area.

Are schools associated with FCPS the only ones that can receive Title I assistance?

No, federal law requires that public school districts like Fayette County annually consult with appropriate private school officials during the design and development of the district's Title I program. The federal law goes on to say that Title I services must be offered to each private school that has children from a participating school designated as Title I. These private schools receive instructional support services from a Title I teacher during the school year.