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Elevate is a process that engages all students to advance goal-setting, decision-making, and self-advocacy skills that support lifelong learning. It involves customized learning opportunities, broadened perspectives, enhanced experiences, and support for reaching their goals. Elevate is backed by Virtual Job Shadowing, a complementary program that enables students to identify interests, explore careers, and plan to develop skills for job placement. 

Elevate is much more than the basic requirements for an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). It is a process of embodying the school district’s Portrait of a Graduate.

Students in grades 6-12 work with mentors to customize their learning plans and document moments that support their achievements and preparation to excel in a global society. The district and its school prepare teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, and families to mentor students. The focus is on building compatible relationships that foster sincere and open communication, which leads to authentic self-assessment and goal development.