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Go Green to Earn Green



23-24 Submission Dates

December 8th (Oct-Nov)

Oct-Nov Earnings

March 8th (Dec-Feb)

Dec-Feb Earnings

May 3rd (March-Apr)

March-May + Earth Week Earnings

Two Ways to Earn

Green Culture - $40 each

     1. Monthly Student Energy Patrol - Students are trained on conducting Student Energy Patrol during GreenSTEM lesson.  Earn $40 Green Culture by completing a minimum of one audit per month. 

     2. Culture of Energy Efficiency -  Even schools with room occupancy sensors can reduce their carbon footprint by creating a school-wide culture of turning off lights.  Earn $40 Green Culture by creating a culture of turning off lights throughout the school year.

    3. Disseminating Break Shutdown Checklists - Schools who disseminate Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break Checklists prior to each break will earn up to $40 each two-month period. Interested in tracking your school's participation? Encourage faculty/staff to follow the link on the shutdown checklist.

     4. Partnership with Live Green Lex or Bluegrass Greensource - Find your school's Environmental Educator by contacting:

     Live Green Lexington: Danny Woolums, 

     Bluegrass Greensource: Pattie Stivender,

     5. Participation in KY Green Schools - Students play a leading role in reducing their school's environmental impact by conducting up to five investigations.  Earn $40 Green Culture by participating in the KY Green Schools program.  

Power Pack - $200

  • The power pack action items will require a little more effort to perform, but will have a deeper impact on a school's culture of sustainability and environmental impact.
  • Choose one from the following four options to earn $200 Go Green + Earn Green Power Pack
  • A unique Power Pack must be submitted each period (no repeats).*


Perform an Energy Awareness Campaign - Knowledge is Power.  Help your school community understand the carbon and fiscal impact of energy use through an Energy Awareness CampaignFind a suggested script HERE and email to access school-specific data.  Consider morning announcements, visiting classroom presentations and classroom/grade-level/school newsletters.  Have fun with it!  

Documentation: provide link to video OR describe how the Energy Awareness Campaign was implemented.


Schedule a Sustainability Listening Session - During a Listening Session, Tresine Logsdon and Logan Poteat will meet with your school's Sustainability Coordinator, Lead Custodian/Campus Foreman, and Buildings & Grounds Administrator to share school-specific energy + solid waste data & learn about your school's sustainability and energy priorities.  Listening Sessions do not need to occur during the two-month period to receive the Go Green + Earn Green funds, only scheduled. *A Sustainability Listening Session is not a GreenSTEM classroom lesson.

Documentation: provide date Sustainability Listening Session is scheduled.


Recycling - Earn $200 Power Pack in one of two ways:

a. reduce contamination or

b.  reduce landfill-bound waste

* Reduce Contamination: use LiveGreen Lexington Recycling Post-Its to monitor and offer feedback on recycling contamination rates.  E-mail Danny for Recycling Post-Its. 

Documentation: provide who is conducting recycling audits and how often they take place.

Reducing Landfill-Bound Waste Volume:  find when your school's landfill dumpster is tipped by CLICKING HERE.  Then, monitor how full your landfill dumpster is for one week (of typical use).  Document if it is 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% or 100% full and paste monitoring data link in GG + EG in submission form.

Documentation: provide link to monitoring data.


Sustainability Innovation - You know your school's sustainability priorities better than anyone. What do your students care about? How is your school community improving sustainability in innovative ways? Earn a $200 Power Pack by describing your innovative initiative here (e.g. appliance consolidation, campus tree inventory, upcycled lid mural, No Idling, outdoor classrooms, water bottle refilling station).
*Tree Week & Earth Week activities qualify as a Sustainability Innovation Power Pack (at least 2 activities).

Documentation: provide description of innovation project (or at least 2 Tree Week/Earth Week activities).