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Guidance Counseling

The district staff coordinates guidance counseling services throughout Fayette County Public Schools. Our guidance and school counselors provide support in the areas of academic counseling, college and career readiness, social skills, social emotional learning, counseling and therapy, and crisis response.

How does a student see a school's guidance counselor? Appointment are made by the counselor, self-referral, family referral, administrative referral, teacher and other staff referral, drop-in, or agency referral.

Where can students see the guidance/school counselor? In the provider's office, in the classroom, in the hallway, on the playground, in the lunchroom, in the community, at home

What are the qualifications? Master of arts in school counseling, master of social work, psychology specialist or Ph.D., Kentucky state certification in education counseling, school social work, or school psychology

How does a guidance/school counselor learn about current trends? In-service training sessions, workshops and seminars; conventions and conferences, continuing education, regular school and districtwide meetings; county, state and national association meetings; professional journals/books 

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Antonio Melton,
guidance & school counseling coordinator 
(859) 381-4191

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