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Family Resource / Youth Services Centers

Family support programs thrive in a community where resources, leadership, and caring come together in response to real problems and real opportunities. FCPS recognizes the importance of the total family in educational success, so we offer Family Resource and Youth Services Centers to help our children meet our academic standards. FRYSCs provide support in the areas of basic needs, school attendance, social skills, crisis response, and community partnerships.

Available at Elementaries:

  • Assistance with after-school care for ages 4 to 12;
  • Health and education services for assistance with full-time child care for 2- and 3-year-olds, new and expectant mothers;
  • Education to enhance parenting skills and education for preschool parents and their children;
  • Support and training for day-care providers;
  • Health service and referrals to health agencies.

At Middle and High Schools:

  • Health service and referrals to community health and social agencies;
  • Employment counseling, training, and placement for young people;
  • Summer and part-time job development for youths;
  • Substance abuse services or referrals;
  • Family crisis and mental health services or referrals.

How Do We Get a FRYSC?

One or more schools may obtain funding for a center by developing a grant proposal. Schools compete for state grants by submitting the proposal to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services in cooperation with the Kentucky Department of Education. A school must have at least 20 percent of its student population eligible for the federal free school meals program in order to apply for the grant. Once established, the FRYSC centers are open to all students and their families within the school community, regardless of family income.


Raine Minichan,
associate director for Mental Health Services and Social/Emotional Learning

Sheila Clark,
administrative assistant
(859) 422-0612

List of FRYSC Coordinators