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WBL: Team-Based Challenge

WBL = Work-Based Learning

Through team-based challenges, students can check out a variety of careers and jobs through problem-solving projects. These activities:

  • Provide access to potential careers in an industry of interest;
  • Develop problem-solving and research skills;
  • Build teamwork and presentation skills;
  • Help students make the connection between school and the workplace; and
  • Inform their career planning.


Team-based challenges give students a chance to enhance the relevance of academic concepts by applying what they have learned. The activities:

  • Offer an opportunity to explore and practice in a field of interest;
  • Build knowledge about the education and training needed for a particular career path and entry into the industry; and
  • Allow for teacher/employer interaction to support the challenge.


Three formats deliver unique experiences to students and employers as the activities are organized through:

  • Classroom preparation, including research on the industry and participating businesses;
  • Employer orientation and support; and
  • Reflection on the experience orally and in writing.