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WBL: For Teachers

WBL = Work-Based Learning

Through WBL, our teachers have opportunities to immerse themselves in a business or observe their peers for professional development.

Educators can integrate new ideas and learn about the skills, needs, and expectations of the workplace and then tailor their curriculum and instructional practices to reflect the trends, requirements, and opportunities in leading industries. 

By hosting their FCPS colleagues, teachers can also share best practices on problem-solving methods, applications of theory, and leadership concepts.


* Typically takes place in the summer; 30 to 40 hours per week for one to eight weeks 

* Should reflect local needs and opportunities for careers

* Involves a cohort of teachers reflecting, sharing observations, and discussing ways to use their experiences to enrich their instruction

Peer Professional Learning:

* Observing another teacher in the same field for a half-day 

* Learning from another's best practices in the classroom

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Teacher Learning Experience:

* During the school year, partnering with Commerce Lexington
* 10 to 15 teachers attend a one-day professional learning session outside of the classroom
* Features a tour of local businesses and roundtable discussion about specific industries
This is a chance to gain insight into the needs of today's businesses and align instruction for tomorrow's workforce.  

Any of these WBL opportunities will help teachers better tie their curriculum to real-world applications as they design relevant classroom activities that add meaning to their students' experience in school. 

WBL for teachers also allows local employers to become involved in academics and to see more clearly how their partnership with FCPS impacts our teachers and our students, who could be part of their future workforce. 


  • Develop a shared understanding of classroom practice
  • Build teacher capacity
  • Improve instruction and student performance