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WBL: Career Expo

WBL = Work-Based Learning

The career expo is an annual event that exposes students to a variety of careers and jobs by connecting them directly with business partners. This experience allows students to make a solid connection between school and the workplace.



Students can listen, participate in hands-on activites related to an industry, and ask questions. The structured activities:

  • Enable students to begin identifying areas of career interest;
  • Elevate students’ comfort level in interacting with adult professionals;
  • Provide a setting where students can demonstrate their communication skills;
  • Create opportunities for students to reflect on the experience orally and in writing.


The Career Expo is a two-day event for participating businesses. (Set-up is the night before.)

Fayette County Public Schools buses every freshman to the event venue, where the students spend time in small groups rotating through identified industries.

During each session, the ninth graders have a chance to participate in hands-on activities related to the business.