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Visual and Performing Arts Auditions

What are GT VPA Auditions and who should audition?

  • Students can audition or try out to be identified as gifted in an arts area they are both interested in and especially good at.

  • It’s for students interested in gifted services at their school in a particular arts area.

  • The child’s teacher does not choose who gets in; a committee scores every audition.

  • New for 2023-24 - It’s also for students interested in attending the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA).

Arts Auditions

Choose the details tab based on the current grade in school. Students may audition in Dance, Drama, Music (Instrumental or Vocal), Visual Art, and Technical Theatre (high school only). Students can audition in more than one arts area. 

Literary Arts (grades 3-12) is a SCAPA-specific major.

Video Submissions

All prepared and on-demand portions of the auditions will be submitted on video by the gifted and talented resource teacher or arts teachers at the student’s school.

SCAPA at Bluegrass and Lafayette

Students wishing to be considered for a placement in SCAPA at Bluegrass (grades 4-8) or SCAPA Lafayette (high school) must submit the district’s Special Programs Application and complete the audition tasks for their chosen arts area(s).


colorful illustration of dance, drama, music, and visual art