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Teacher Resource Center Team

Note: You must now be on-site at the John D. Price Administration Building to print in color on the TRC printer.
Our TRC color printer name is no longer FCPS-COP-ALL. Print jobs submitted to FCPS-COP-ALL will only print in black-and-white on the TRC printer.

Hours: 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Thursday & Friday  

Our Teacher Resource Center (TRC)  is a workspace for staff to check out & create instructional materials for classrooms. Supplies are provided (view limits) to create posters, cutouts, and copies.TRC staff are available to support you!  

FCPS Staff Guidelines & Procedures on Checking out TRC Items 

FCPS Guidelines & Procedures on TRC In-person Visits

You must use Calendly to reserve a work session, which is limited to eight people. 

Steps to reserve Classroom Sets (to be picked up or sent via courier):

We offer a remote service to print posters or Variquest cutouts. You can request remote services through an Incident IQ help ticket, and then pick up the materials or have them delivered via courier.  Detailed Variquest cutouts should be created during in-person visits. 

Remember to check our Freebie Area!

Remote Services:

Print copies --  "Print copies" is no longer a remote option (cardstock or paper).  Alternatives:

  • Schedule an in-person visit to use TRC resources.
  • Use your school's on-site facilities.
  • Send requests to The Print Shop.

Remote services -- For TRC support, please submit a Help Desk ticket for:

  • Poster printing (with the option to laminate)
  • Variquest cutouts
  • Laminating printed copies (dropped off or sent via courier)

Note: The TRC no longer accepts donations of unwanted items from staff or retirees. At this time, there is no repurpose program in tact within our district. Please repurpose & recycle at the school level whenever possible. Items of no classroom or other value can be sent to the warehouse, labeled as DISCARD. 

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