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Library Cataloging Team

Our library cataloging team manages library orders and supports our librarians for all schools throughout the district with a variety of services. Karen Goocey, our administrative assistant, provides the following services:

  • Act as a liaison between vendors, librarians, Accounts Payable, Financial Services, Grants, and our catalogers
  • Enter purchase orders and pay invoices for our librarians
  • Create and coordinate barcodes
  • Check in vendor and ‘from school’ orders
  • Set up specs for new schools
  • process Junior Library Guild orders

Our catalogers provide the following services:

  • Process and ship orders to schools
  • Process books districtwide for library vendor and book fair orders 
  • Troubleshooting order issues and fielding questions
  • Providing onsite support during moves, renovations, and other space changes
  • Support special processing assignments for the district
  • Maintain records and data in district Destiny Database
  • Maintain the Union catalog, including editing MARC records and creating original records as needed

Instructional resource technicians:

Adele Conder

Frankie Langdon

Administrative assistant

Karen Goocey

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