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ERP Systems

Our team is committed to providing support and training for FCPS employees who use the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial software system (formerly known as MUNIS). We test and implement the updates and changes provided by Tyler Technologies, the parent company, and by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), and then provide this information to users in Fayette County Public Schools. We also help fellow employees use the ERP financial programs and customize reports to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

For FCPS Employees:

Employee Self-Service 

User instructions for Employee Self-Service 

Help line: (859) 381-4764 

Tyler Hub (for bookkeepers, timekeepers, admins, and department users 


Amy Smith,
(859) 381-4135

Toni Milam,
administrative assistant
(859) 381-4764

Kim Dunn-Beers,
technical engineer
(859) 381-4269

Jill Garrett,
technical engineer
(859) 381-4163

Sow-Foong Hedman,
data engineer
(859) 381-4715

Tim Mize,
data engineer
(859) 381-4717

James Springate,
technical engineer
(859) 381-4153