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Substitute Placements

For questions, please email the HR subs staff or call (859) 281-6715.

Incentive Bonuses!

FCPS pays extra to substitutes who accept assignments at schools that have had a difficult time filling vacancies. You can earn an additional $50 per day for special education assignments and $25 a day to work in high-priority schools.* There is also an incentive for subs who are multilingual – an extra $15 a day for teachers and $2 per hour for hourly positions.

* High-priority schools: Alternative support programs, Booker T. Washington, Breckinridge, Bryan Station Middle, Cardinal Valley, Crawford, Garden Springs, George Washington Carver STEM Academy for Boys, Harrison, Julius Marks, LTMS, Meadowthorpe, Millcreek, MLK Academy, Opportunity Middle College, Preschool Center, Rise STEM Academy, Success Academy, Tates Creek Elementary, William Wells Brown, Winburn


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Contact us

Tiffany Edwards,
sub placement specialist
(859) 381-4100

Fritznel Elveus,
sub placement specialist
(middle and high schools, other programs)
(859) 381-4321

Janine York,
sub placement specialist
(clerical and other classified positions)
(859) 381-4797