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Financial Accounting & Benefits Services

Financial Accounting & Benefits provides a wide range of services covering payroll, grants accounting, accounts payable, fixed assets, travel reimbursements, fixed assets, accounts receivable, tax collection, compliance monitoring, school finance, and insurance (employee benefits). We strive to provide superior customer service and maintain compliance in protecting the school district's revenues and expenditures to ensure these resources are available to support the mission of Fayette County Public Schools. 

Fiscal Year 2023

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Under the school board: Audit Committee

For employees: Look for Payroll and other offices under the Staff Portal.  

Contact us

Rodney Jackson,
executive director of Financial Accounting & Benefits Services

Casondra Jones,
administrative assistant
Phone: (859) 381-4141
Fax: (859) 381-4714

Byron Costner,
associate director
of Finance / Benefits
(859) 381-4117

Tiffany Davis Williams,
associate director
of Finance / Accounting
(859) 381-4133

Becky Riley,
associate director
of Tax Collection / Accounting
(859) 381-4147

Kim Stevens,
associate director of Payroll
(859) 381-4330

Office hours:
All areas are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.