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Harrison Preschool Construction

artist rendering of the corner of Harrison Elementary where the new preschool classes will be added

Artist's rendering of the preschool classrooms addition at Harrison Elementary School

architect's drawings showing where the new preschool classes will be added

In the spring of 2022, our Board of Education designated funds to support the Fayette County Preschool Program based on a five-year plan. One priority is to add preschool classrooms at Harrison Elementary. The district's preschool staff recommended that three classrooms be constructed to serve 45 children in a full-day program. If more capacity is needed later, one of these full-day classrooms can be converted into a dual-session (half-day) classroom serving 30 children per session -- thus allowing Harrison to accommodate 60 preschoolers.

The full project also includes a preschool playground, a new playground for grades K-5, HVAC work, and more staff parking off Jefferson Street. Construction, which will happen in phases because of site limitations, runs from April 2024 through December 2025.


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