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Media Requests

The Office of Communications & Public Engagement will process all media requests for access to an FCPS school or program during normal school hours, Monday through Friday. Our staff and school administrators will determine if the request for access is appropriate. All reporters —and all guests — are required to sign in through the school’s main office, wear a guest pass at all times, and comply with all district policies and local and state laws concerning the use of minors in news and broadcasting.

Please remember:

  • Reporters must have permission from district communications staff and school administrators to be on the school campus.
  • Reporters are allowed access to students and school activities only at the discretion of the principal, and then only with appropriate parental consent.
  • Reporters are not allowed in classrooms that are conducting assessments. 
  • Reporters may be allowed in classrooms at the discretion of the principal and teacher.
  • Prior parental/guardian consent is needed for interviews with students under 18.
  • Large-group shots of students are permitted, but personally identifiable photographs of students without a media release form signed by a parent are not allowed. (Reporters must work with school staff to identify any students who have a media opt-out or FERPA opt-out form on file at the school.)

Contact: Please email Dia Davidson-Smith, chief public engagement officer and district spokesperson, or call (859) 285-7522.

Note: For open records requests, please contact our Legal Office

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