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Departments & Offices

Fayette County Public Schools is a special place where we meet challenges head-on and come together to find solutions. We have incredibly talented employees, highly motivated students, consistently engaged families, and steadfastly committed community members – everything we need to deliver a world-class education.

headshot of Superintendent Liggins wearing a navy blazer, white dress shirt, and red striped tie

Superintendent Demetrus Liggins

FCPS employees provide students with an educational experience that builds on their individual talents and strengths in a nurturing, challenging, and supportive environment. We ignite curiosity in our students to help them become their personal best, wherever their dreams may lead them. The world of tomorrow is one of opportunity. As technology advances and communities become more connected, the value of critical thinking is more important than ever. Challenging and expanding their minds gives our students the tools to accomplish incredible things. By ensuring they are academically prepared, college and career ready, civically engaged, culturally competent, and equipped for the future, we are giving our graduates the tools to thrive in the world beyond our walls.

FCPS provides a world-class education for each and every student. The curriculum makes learning relevant to real-world applications, preparing students to embrace their talents, explore their personal interests, recognize opportunities, and strive for personal success. Our educators inspire and foster creativity, crafting the skills that shape the leaders of today and tomorrow.

We offer our community a connected, accessible school system where teachers educate, employees support, students explore, and families engage in their child’s educational journey now and in their lives beyond our care.

Please skim the list of offices and reach out anytime. If you cannot find what you need, call (859) 381-4100.

For employees: In-house resources and forms are posted under the Staff Portal.