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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee helps the school board oversee the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls, the audit process, and the district’s process for making sure we comply with laws, regulations, and the Code of Conduct.

The committee typically meets quarterly at the John D. Price Administration Building, 450 Park Place. 

Current panel:  

  • Nick Clark – district's internal auditor (FCPS staff, non-voting)
  • Jaclyn Badeau – community committee member
  • Larry Forester – committee member
  • Greg Hodge – committee member
  • Dave Osborne – committee member
  • Amy Green – school board representative
  • Bret Nathaniel – Equity Council representative 
  • Penny Christian – 16th District PTA representative
  • Chris Salyers – certified representative (FCPS staff)
  • Joe Gibson – principal representative (FCPS staff)
  • Kacey Urbaneja – classified representative (FCPS staff)
  • (Vacant) – optional extra board member