Online Registration

  • screen shot showing online registration fields


    Web tip: The URL shortcut to this page is

    1. Click this link:
    2. Select your desired language.
    3. Complete the fields on the screen (pictured above): Registration Year 18-19. The CAPTCHA will display letters and/or numbers with a colorful background behind. Type the letters and/or numbers into the text box beneath. There are no spaces. Letters are case-sensitive. If a letter shows in uppercase, type it in the text box in uppercase. If you want to change the letters and numbers displayed in the CAPTCHA, click the blue refresh button.
    4. Click “Begin Registration.” The program will send an email to the address you entered on the screen.
    5. Check your email for a message with a subject of “Welcome to Online Registration.” If you do not see it in your Inbox, please check your spam, junk, trash, etc. folder.
    6. Click the link at the bottom of the email. If the URL link listed at the bottom of the email does not work, please copy the URL link and paste it into a web browser.
    7. The program will walk you through the following sections: Household, Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contact, and Student. At the end of each section, click “Save/Continue” to save your work.
    8. Walk through each screen, reading the sections carefully. Use the Next and Save/Continue buttons to navigate through the application.
    9. Review the application very carefully, and then submit it.
    10. Write down and hold onto your application number.


    In person

    After submitting the application online, families must then go to their neighborhood's assigned school with the application number and two proofs of residence (e.g. deed or lease and a utility bill) to complete the registration process. To determine your child’s school, use the SchoolSite Locator tool.

  • Contact

    For questions about K-12 registration, please call the school where your child is districted to attend:



    • Online — Parents or legal guardians may start the preschool registration process online, but they must then visit the Early Childhood Department at district offices, 701 E. Main St., to complete additional paperwork.
    • In person — Applications are also taken and approved on-site in Room 116 at 701 E. Main St., from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, or families may visit their local elementary school to get a paper application that can be couriered downtown once completed. 

    Visit for more details.