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     Families will be able to drop off and collect student materials on May 27, 2020, the last day of NTI.  The “Harrison Elementary COVID-19 Year End Plan” details how our school will work to end the year while following state guidelines for social distancing.  Please read our plan and follow the guidelines to help keep students, families, and staff safe during this unusual time: Harrison Elementary COVID-19 Year End Plan




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  • We have a very special message for our Harrison Achievers.  Click on the photo below to listen. 

    Franks with Better Together Poster.  Click to hear our message.

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    Virtual Camp provides opportunities for fun and learning

    Virtual summer camp








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  • Teacher Appreciation Week Banner

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! During this unusual time in our history, one constant remains, teachers make a difference.  You are making a difference for our children every day.  I appreciate you and am so grateful for your service to the children of Harrison Elementary.  

    Mrs. Franks






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    Team Harrison 

    Team Work


    I miss everyone so much, but love seeing the work you are doing through your pictures, Google Classrooms, and Success Maker scores. It looks like we will be Learning at Home for a while longer than we hoped, but if we stick together, we can be the most successful NTI school. Teamwork is what it takes.

    We all have to do our part. The secret to our success is that each team member has balance:
    1. Work hard. Do your NTI work a little at time so you will do your best, quality work.
    2. Play hard. Take lots of breaks and get the exercise you need.
    3. Help at home. Help your family keep the housework done, the dishes washed, the laundry clean, the recycling sorted so they will have time to help you with your school work.
    4. Encourage others. We are in this together and we need to know we are here to help each other.
    5. Rest. Go to bed on time every night.

    Have a wonderful day today! I will be watching for your pictures on Dojo.
    😀🥰Mrs. Franks




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  • Message from Ms. Franks


    Message from Franks

    Experts say it takes 3 weeks to build a habit so this is an important week to get into the groove of working from home. I have fallen into the trap of sitting at my computer too long and my bum knees are hurting today. They are a good reminder that we won’t be successful with NTI unless we balance working, helping at home, and resting. Don’t forget to take lots of breaks and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of spring.

    Keep sending me pictures of your encouraging posters and messages for others.

    I miss you so much! Have a wonderful day!
    😀🌷Mrs. Franks

    I miss you all so much!

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  • We appreciate our families!

    You're the Best!  Parent award


    Hello Families!  
    We honor you with the, "You're The Best Award". We are aware of the time and hard work you put in to make sure you and your children are safe and healthy, and they are completing their assignments.
    Before you awaken the children to start their day of learning, take some time for your "self care".
    Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally will ensure that you're capable of being there for them.
    A few things you can do:
    Take some deep breaths
    Take a walk
    Read a book
    Listen to some calm, soothing music
    Remember we are all a phone call, text, DoJo, or email message away.
    We thank you and appreciate you!





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  • A Message for Harrison Staff 


    We see how hard you're working.  We miss you!

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  • Mural dedicated by community partnership

    community partnership with Pilgrim Baptist Church      mural reveal

    Through an amazing community parnership with Pilgrim Baptist Church, our school now has a cafe mural of famous African American leaders.

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  • Young at Heart! 

    Mrs. Franks dances with student       Young at Heart plays

    A huge thank you to the Young at Heart band for bringing some Big Band sounds and swing dancing fun to Harrison Elementary. Students learned about different instruments and the elements of swing to the tunes of jazzy hits from the past. Thanks to every member for bringing this beautiful music to our students.

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