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    Parent Education Program

    FCC Mission: To empower students to graduate high school as confident parents who have the skills needed to maintain family stability and pursue individual goals.

    FCC Vision: Family Care Center students will earn a high school diploma, understand the value of learning, and be able to pass that on to their children. Students will gain parenting skills needed to meet their child’s needs and maintain family stability. Students will gain life skills and community connections needed to maintain healthy relationships, positive mental and emotional health, and achieve career goals.

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  • Contact us

    Front desk at 1135 Harry Sykes Way,
    (859) 288-4040

    Jennifer Johnson-Koch,
    Parent Education
    Program manager,
    (859) 288-4045 

    Shannon Kettenring,
    office support,
    (859) 288-4057 

    Chris Salyers,
    FCPS secondary programs
    support specialist and Title IX coordinator,
    (859) 382-2042

    Kimberly Chandler,
    administrative assistant,
    (859) 288-4074




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