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Serving on SBDM Councils

Serving on the School-Based Decision Making Council is one way to get more involved in your child's school. SBDM is the governing body that determines school policy for curriculum, staffing, discipline, scheduling, instructional practices, extracurricular activities, and other matters pertinent to the school's operation. 

SBDM councils have the responsibility to set school policy and make decisions outlined in state law, providing an environment to enhance student achievement. The policies should help in meeting the goals established in KRS 158.645 and KRS 158.6451.

A council is made up of parents/guardians, teachers, and school administrators. Members are elected by the constituent groups in your school, with parents electing parents and teachers electing teachers. The term typically runs July 1 through June 30. 

To qualify to run, you must be a parent, stepparent, foster parent, or legal guardian of a student attending the school during the term of office. (You are ineligible if you are an employee or a relative of an employee of that school or the district office, or you are a school board member or the spouse of a school board member.)

Background Checks

All newly elected SBDM parent members or those with a break in service must pass a background check. The first step is to schedule an appointment with FCPS Human Resources to request a child abuse and neglect (CAN) central registry report. Bring a photo ID and a valid driver’s license or original Social Security card. HR staff will also provide instructions to schedule a fingerprint appointment with the state IdentoGo system, including the list of acceptable identity documents and a coupon code to pay for the process.

Annual Training

All members must complete annual SBDM training. New members must complete 6 hours of SBDM 101 and experienced members must complete a KDE approved 3 hour course. These courses are no cost to the member if using the training menu provided by FCPS. There are many opportunities provided by FCPS and KDE throughout the summer, early fall and online in order to meet your needs. New members must complete training within 30 days of assuming office and experienced members must complete training within 90 days of assuming office.