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PTA Membership

The power of PTA is in its membership. Every additional member adds weight when your PTA goes before a School-Based Decision Making Council, the Fayette County Board of Education, or a school board member. The size of your PTA also adds clout when you contact state and federal legislators. With enough members, PTA can and does improve education, health, and safety for every student.

What do membership dues do?

  • Provide for PTA leaders' training, workshops, materials, and publications;
  • Defray costs for state and national volunteers who travel to train local PTAs;
  • Provide support from district, state, and even national PTA;
  • Cover student, teacher, and parent scholarships;
  • Pay for student, teacher, and school awards programs;
  • Support child advocacy efforts in Frankfort and elsewhere.

Where does my money go?

  • .25 cents per member goes to the 16th District PTA;
  • $1.25 of each member's dues goes to Kentucky PTA;
  • $2.25 per member goes to National PTA .

Each local unit's bylaws specify the amount of its PTA's dues. District, state, and national dues are paid monthly. 

And here's what else you get!

  • Exclusive discounts on products and services;
  • 5 percent savings on purchases from in addition to discounts of up to 40 percent;
  • 25 percent off on FedEx Kinko's products and services (some restrictions apply);
  • 10 percent off on purchases from S&S Worldwide, a leader in catalog and online products for education, crafts, recreation, and therapy. 
  • Other perks


2nd VP/membership:
Kathy Smiley


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