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Finances & Fundraising

PTA Finances

The chapter president and treasurer, along with the other elected officers, are jointly responsible for the financial well-being of the individual PTA/PTSA. All members of the executive committee should review the Kentucky PTA publication "Financial Matters" (in the Leaders' Notebook) and the National PTA's quick-reference guide "Money Matters." These resources develop a comprehensive view of good financial management.


A part of what PTA's contribute is the ability to raise resources for their school to use, including money. PTA funds are to be used in accordance with the Kentucky PTA positions listed in the bylaws:

Article XVI

Section 1. The Kentucky PTA opposes involvement of children in door-to-door sales or solicitations.

Section 2. The Kentucky PTA believes that PTA funds should always be used to further the PTA mission and purposes. The Kentucky PTA also believes:

  1. Federal, state and local public funds should be used to purchase textbooks and equipment, pay for regular telephone lines, and pay certified and classified staff salaries;
  2. Paying for such items with PTA funds may contribute to inequities in local school districts;
  3. PTA's role is to advocate for adequate funding for public education. PTAs/PTSAs should allocate their funds to projects such as leadership development, parent involvement and education, child health and safety projects, and other educational programs that would enhance the curriculum.

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