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Clever is a Single Sign-On (SOS) platform used to easily access different Clever integrated apps/programs to access Clever apps such as Imagine Learning programs, Amplify, IXL, Edmentum, and more. See the document or video below to learn how to sign on to Clever.

NOTEStudents need to sign out of their Chromebook at the end of a session!  When logging back in they will need to click “Add Person”(bottom of profile page) each time to access the Badge login camera.

If a student did not sign out, note that closing the Chromebook will put it in sleep mode and, because the login was retained, once it wakes up, the student must then sign out in order to return to the profile page where the “Add Person” option can be used to bring up the Clever Badge login camera.

Clever login steps

Video: login steps 

Clever access on a Chromebook (elementary and middle schools)

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