School-Based Decision-Making Council

  • SBDM councils promote shared leadership among those who are closest to the students: parents, teachers, and administrators. As the school's governing body, the council determines curriculum, staffing, discipline, scheduling, instructional practices, extra-curricular activities, and other matters pertinent to the operation. The council must set school policy to provide an environment to enhance student achievement and help the school reach its accountability goals. To meet this responsibility, councils should:  

    • Decide targets for closing achievement gaps;
    • Determine the professional learning plan for the school;
    • Meet monthly and comply with the Open Meetings and Open Records Act;
    • Consult on vacancies (principal, classified, and certified positions); and
    • Write and review policies.

    During the 2020-21 school year, SBDM will be reviewing and updating many of the existing policies. All stakeholders, students, parents, administrators, staff, and community members are welcome to provide input throughout this process. Please use the links below to find information about this process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Principal Mr. Little or inquire at the next SBDM meeting. 

    The policies, under revision, can be found here and are updated in real-time.  The file entitled"Ad-hoc comments on HC policies" is where you can add comments or feedback on specific policies. If you open the file using GoogleDocs, anyone can edit and submit comments.

    The tentative schedule indicating when each policy may be presented to SBDM and which HCHS Committee is charged with its revision can be found here.


  • Schedule 2020-21

    • July 15 
    • Aug. 12 
    • Sept. 9 
    • Sept. 16 (Special Called meeting)
    • Oct. 14 Zoom link 
    • Nov. 11
    • Dec. 9
    • Jan. 13
    • Feb. 10
    • March 24
    • April 14
    • May 12
    • June 9 


    All meetings start at 5:30 p.m. and are typically held in the Media Center, however, due to COVID-19, all meetings are virtual until further notice.

    The Zoom link for the Oct. 14, 2020 meeting is

    The documents for the Oct. 14, 2020 SBDM meeting are here