School-Based Decision-Making Council

  • The SBDM council is the school's governing body that determines curriculum, staffing, discipline, scheduling, instructional practices, extra-curricular activities, and other matters pertinent to the operation of the school. School councils promote shared leadership among those who are closest to the students: parents, teachers, and administrators of the local schools. The council must set school policy to provide an environment to enhance student achievement and help the school reach its accountability goals. To meet this responsibility, councils should:  

    • Collect, interpret and analyze information;
    • Set priorities, goals and targets;
    • Establish committees, review committee reports and consider their recommendations;
    • Evaluate achievement;
    • Work as a team;
    • Hold regularly scheduled meetings;
    • Conduct meetings in a democratic manner;
    • Get the required SBDM training;
    • Make student-based decisions;
    • Monitor policy and program implementation.
  • Schedule

    • Aug. 21
    • Sept. 17
    • Oct. 15
    • Nov. 12
    • Dec. 17
    • Jan. 14
    • Feb. 11
    • Mar. 11
    • April 15
    • May 13

    • June 17