• SCAPA Incoming 4th Grade Reading List 2023-24


    Please choose at least three of these books to read. After reading each choice, choose one of the following ways to summarize your reading experience: 1. Write a three paragraph reflection expressing what you enjoyed about the book, which character you related to most and whether or or not you would recommend this book to another student. 2. Create a piece of artwork that expresses the theme and the character traits of the protagonist (The hero of the story). 3. Write 3 to 5 Journal Entries as though you are the main character, telling about your experience in the novel. These reflections should come with you to school when we start back in August. Enjoy reading and have a great summer!


    The One and Only Ivan                  Katherine Applegate                 Fiction, Animals


    The Indian in the Cupboard           Banks, Lynn Reid                      Fantasy, Adventure 


    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing   Blume, Judy                              Fiction, Realistic


    The Phantom Tollbooth                 Juster, Norton                            Fiction, Humor


    The Wild Robot                              Brown, Peter                             Fiction, Adventure


    Percy Jackson  series                    Riordan, Rick                              Mythology


    Serifina and the Black Cloak          Beatty, Robert                          Fiction, Mystery


    Little House series                         Wilder, Laura Ingalls                 Autobiography


    A Boy Called Dickens                    Hopkinson, Deborah                Historical Fiction


    Because of Winn Dixie                  DiCamillo, Kate                        Realistic Fiction


    Frindle                                           Clements, Andrew                   Fiction


    The Girl With the Glass Bird         Kerr, Esme                               Fiction, Mystery


    Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy   Foxlee, Karen                          Fiction, Folktale


    The Quilt Walk                             Dallas, Sandra                         Historical Fiction


    A Boy Called Slow                       Bruchac, Joseph                      Biography 


    Through My Eyes                        Bridges, Ruby                          Autobiography


    Nowhere Boy                                Katherine Marsh                         Realistic Fiction


    The Boy with the Red Backpack   Onjali Q. Rauf                            Realistic Fiction


    FCPS 23-24 Elementary Battle of the Books List 

    ** KBA winners for 23-24. (Kentucky Bluegrass Award)


    1.      **The Aquanaut               Dan Santat                Fiction, Fantasy

    2.     **Bartali's Bicycle: The True Story of Gina Bartali, Italy’s Secret Hero                                Megan Hoyt                               Nonfiction, Biography 

    3.     **Hummingbird                     Natalie Lloyd                     Fiction, Fantasy 

    4.     **Odder                                  Katherine Applegate               Fiction, Animals 

    5.     Iceberg                                  Jennifer A. Nielsen                      Historical Fiction 

    6.     **Masters of Disguise: Camouflaging Creatures and Magnificent Mimics                  Marc Martin                           Nonfiction,   Nature/Science

    7.     **Stinetinglers: All New Stories by the Master of Scary Tales        R.L. Stine                                    Fiction, Short Stories

    8.     **The Unforgettable Logan Foster          Shawn Peters       Fiction, Fantasy  

    9.     Frizzy                               Claribel Ortega                                          Realistic Fiction

    10.   Spy School                  Stuart Gibbs                                                Fiction, Mystery

    11.   **Just Right Jillian       Nicole D. Collier                                   Realistic Fiction

    12. **A Rover's Story          Jasmine Warga                                  Science Fiction 


    PLEASE NOTE— The FCPS Elementary Battle of the Books List has been included with this Summer Reading List. Students are more than welcome to also select books from the Battle of the Books list for summer reading, especially if they are interested in participating in Battle of the Books this school year. Please see below for information about Battle of the Books.

    What is Battle of the Books?

    Battle of the Books is a reading promotion program in Elementary and Middle Schools where students compete in a tournament style competition by answering questions about books on a designated book list. For Elementary, students read a total of 12 books in preparation for the BOB competition. Participation in Battle of the Books is voluntary. For more details, please reach out to Ms. Jeanene Jones, SCAPA Librarian, jeanene.jones@fayette.kyschools.us  OR 859-381-3332 Ext. 41623.