• Copying items from your desktop computer to Google Drive


    Best practice throughout the district now is to use Google Drive as your main place to save and store files.  When your computer is upgraded, please keep this in mind in the future so that your files are always available to you from any computer or device you use.


    There are 2 major areas on your desktop computer that have files that you will likely want to keep: the Desktop and your Documents folder.  To prepare for your computer to be upgraded to Windows 10, you will need to follow the steps below to move them to a safe place.


    1. Open up Google Drive https://drive.google.com/ in the Chrome browser.  Other browsers may work, but Chrome will work best for these steps.

    2. Sign in with your school address and password if needed.

    3. You will now create folders in your Google Drive into which you will drag the items that you need to save.

    4. In the top left-hand side of Google Drive is a New button.  Click it.


    5. After clicking there, click the New Folder link.

    new fold

    6. Name the first folder Desktop and then create another folder named Documents.

    7. Next, you are going to open up folders on your computer that you need to copy to Google Drive.  Click on the Start button and then (My)Computer in the menu that pops up.  It should look something like the picture below.


    8.  On the left side of that window, click on Desktop.

    9. Now the fun part.  Arrange your screen so that the Google Drive webpage is on one side of the screen and the Desktop folder from your computer is on the other side.  Use the keystroke CTRL+A in the Desktop folder to select all of your files.  Once selected, carefully drag all of the items to the Desktop folder in Google Drive. An Uploading box will appear. Depending on how many things you have on your desktop, and the size of the files, this could take seconds or a couple of minutes.



    10.  Next you will follow the same steps for the Documents folder.  You might also have Pictures, Music or Videos folder to copy.  If so, follow the same steps.

    11.  Once you have finished copying all of your files to Google Drive, email me and I will come by and start the process for your computer to be updated.  It takes a few seconds of clicks by me and then about 20 minutes of waiting for everything to install.