Stormy Night

  • By Raven LeMarble

    A composed work

    To make this music I used noteflight. I added the instruments like a clarinet, a saxophone, a trombone, a trumpet, and a drum because of how I wanted the music to sound with the theme I was going with. I made the name Stormy Night because of how the music starts out happy like sunshine then it soon starts to sound dark like a storm and soon a big thunder happens and the music ends as a storm would if it stopped with a loud thunder. I wanted to make it a small group of a band because I wanted it to be unique then from a normal band. Also making it instruments that can have a low noise and high helped get the feel that it can be a nice sunny weather and then soon turn into a storm. The main type of parts are for the alto sax and trombone because the sax can make a nice light happy type of sunny then soon turn to a dark tone. The trombone gives off a nice low tone to mix with my theme.