• District Recommended Internet Safety Curriculum 6-8 Grade



    Focus Topics for In-Depth Instruction



    • Cyberbullying
    • Forms it can take – discuss different kinds
      • Flaming/Trolling, Happy-Slapping, Identity Theft/Impersonation, Photoshopping, Physical, Rumors (from Netsmartz)
      • Sexting – what is it, why it’s a bad idea, implications-both social and legal, etc.
      • Additional focus on online gaming
    • Risks
      • Mental Health – depression, fragility of others -lack of knowledge about others’ problems.
      • Reputation – online and in real world
    • Bystanders and Upstanders
      • Alert postings
    • Obtaining help.
    • Understanding school/legal implications for students
    • Acceptable Use Policy and School Code of Conduct

    • Discuss how Personal Safety/Online Behavior and Social Networking can contribute to, or be impacted by, Cyberbullying.

    _7_ Grade

    Social Networking

    • Types
      • Facebook & Twitter, etc. (emphasis on common traits regardless of actual site name, etc.)
      • Texting etiquette
    • Sexting – focus on revealing photos/videos and inappropriate communications, ramifications, etc.
      • Blackmail—definition, how it’s used in sexting
      • Getting help
    • Photos/Videos
      • Photo/Video sharing (including copyright implications) - phone, email, apps & online
      • Permanence—even with disappearing apps (Snapchat, etc.)
      • Photo tagging
    • Online friending – types of online friends, considerations before friending, what your friends say about you, number of friends does not mean popular, defriending
      • Minimizing risks
      • Safe Sites (COPPA)
      • Privacy settings
      • Getting Help for problems
      • Self and responsibility for others (alert postings)
      • Discuss how Personal Safety/Online Behavior and Cyberbullying can contribute to, or be impacted by, Social Networking.

    _8_ Grade

    Personal Safety/Online Behavior

    • Digital Footprint
      • Blogging/other activities  
      • Legal implications of Sexting
    • Predator Identification & willing participation  
      • Sharing indirect information
      • Risk factors for willing participation  
    • Online gaming
      • Risks, ensuring privacy, appropriate screen names, not sharing screen names & passwords, playing wisely
      • Griefers and cheesers – online game bullies
    • Intellectual Property
    • Cyber Security
      • Harvested Information  
      • Malicious Code
        • Viruses, worm, Trojan horse o Spyware, adware, popups, etc.
      • Phones and other devices/tools  
      • Protection  
      • Hacking – what is it, criminal offense  
    • Discuss how Social Networking and Cyberbullying can contribute to, or be impacted by, Personal Safety/Online Be