Cassidy's Clubs

  • CLICK HERE for a calendar of when all Cassidy's after school clubs meet! 

    Club Name Contact Person Name Contact Email Meeting Times Dates/Notes
    Cross Country (XC) Maddie Willis   2019-2020 schedules will be posted soon!
    Cassidy Choristers Erica Stringer    
    Colts Chorus Erica Stringer    
    Academic Challenge Lana Hager    
    Dance team Stephanie Williams    
    Science Club Kristi Fehr    
    STLP Angie Madden    
    Spanish Club Señora Chamorro    
    Battle of the Books Melissa Adams    
    Tennis Christy Herring    
    Art Club with...
    Living Arts & Science Center
    Holly Gilpin
    Mikie Cameron (LASC)
    Governors Cup Elisabeth Darce    
    Lego Club Tracy Morris from Bricks for Kids    
    French Club Diane Sumney    
    Newspaper Club Angie Madden