• Latin Dance Team at Thriller Parade and LASC

    Our Latin dance team proudly represented BSHS at the Halloween and Thriller parade 2019.  They also represented our wonderful school at the day of the dead festival at the Living Arts and Science Center. 



    I Am Me at KTA

    The cast & crew of the fall production of, I Am Me brought home a discretionary award for an original production at KTA regionals yesterday! Libby Hunstad, junior, brought home a KTA All Star metal for her outstanding performance!  These students have been so passionate and dedicated to bring this personal story to life.

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    FCEA Grants Awarded to BSHS Teachers

    Shelli Warburton and Michelle Dexter both received a $250 grant from FCEA, Fayette County Education Association.  There were over 40 applicants and we each won 1 of the 13 presented grants. 


    Shelli Warburton: "My $250 grant will be used towards the Freshman Academy Algebra 1 PBL field trip to Adrenaline in the spring.  Fall semester students will design fundraisers to be able to raise enough money to take the field trip. They will present their fundraising Shark Tank style using Linear functions.  In the spring on the actual field trip students will collect data jumping on the trampoline, write a quadratic function that represents their jump, and then calculate the maximum height they jumped."

    Michelle Dexter: "My $250 grant will be used to purchase a color printer and laminator to make communication pictures to help nonverbal students communicate. Many of the students I work with are not able to use their voices to communicate and have significant learning disabilities. They need picture cards to be able to ask and answer questions and to express their basic wants and needs.  This printer and laminator will help drastically with these students."

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    JAG Initiation and Installation Ceremony

    Each year the Career Association Chapters of Job’s for America’s Graduates (JAG) have an Initiation and Installation Ceremony. During this ceremony the newly elected officers and all JAG members are installed as members of the JAG Career Association. The officers lead the Career Association in striving to reach its five goals. The five goals are: Leadership Development, Career Development, Civic Awareness, Social Awareness and Community Service.  Congratulations to all the new officers and members of the JAG Career Association!  

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