Youth Service Center

  • YSC Mission

    The Mission of the Bryan Station High School Youth Services Center is to utilize faculty, staff, parents and community resources to work collaboratively in assisting our students with the highest level of achievement in making a successful transition to adult life.


    To enhance students’ ability to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promote:

    • College and career readiness
    • Academic achievement and well-being


    Families: Parents/guardians must call to schedule a visit to the YSC. Our direct line is (859) 381-3321. Once appointments are established, then families visit the center through our outside entrance only. Paperwork to help us understand your current emergency are provided for you to fill out and bring to your appointment.

    Students: Students will be asked to come to the YSC for appointments by calling a class or by sending an appointment slip. Students will return to the classroom with the same slip signed by the YSC coordinator or intern. When a student has an emergency or has a plan in place to be seen by the YSC, please call ahead before sending that student.


    We are here to help support you and your student in the classroom and at home in these areas and more ...

    Referrals to Health and Social Services

    • Defender Food Pantry
    • Clothing, shoes, and school supplies
    • Homeless families and youth interventions
    • Financial literacy

    Career Exploration and Development

    • Mentoring: Youth 180
    • BCTC Pearl Academy
    • StreetLaw with UK Law School

    Summer and Part-time Job Development

    • Summer enrichment
    • Leadership training and summer employment
    • Refugee Impact Grant

    Substance Abuse Education and Counseling

    • Crisis Intervention and Case Management
    • ASPIRE Tobacco Cessation Program

    Family Crisis and Mental Health Counseling

    • KVC Counseling Services (on-site)
    • AWARE Grant Provision
    • Truancy Diversion Program
    • Group counseling on current issues: anxiety, social skills, etc.
    • Bully intervention and support

    Academic Support

    • Dispute resolution
    • Advocacy
    • Motivating All Day Every Day group (MADE)






  • YSC Coordinator

    Whitney Young

    Phone: (859) 381-3321

    Fax: (859) 381-3328

    Hours: 7:55 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. weekdays


    Defender Food Pantry

    Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the last Sunday of the month, or by appointment