What is an Ambassador?

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    The Academy Student Ambassador Program recruits, trains, and supports students who repesent their various Academies.  Ambassadors practice and improve their leadership skills through monthly training and networking with business partners.  As leaders of their Academy, Ambassadors provide a student voice to support the growth and improvement of their Academy.  Each career Academy has ambassadors from various grade levels.  



    • Attend Ambassador orientation (summer) and bi-weekly leadership training
    • Conduct visitor tours for the Academies of Tates Creek
    • Attend school and district events 
    • Serve as hosts for open house and ceremony events  
    • Recruit freshman students for their respective Academies 
    • Attend Academy SLC and Advisory meetings to add student perspectives


    • Practice and improve their leadership and networking skills
    • Engage with the Lexington community and business partners
    • Advocate on behalf of their fellow students
    • Add a significant experience and skill set to their resumes


    • Be a rising 10th, 11th, or 12th grader
    • Maintain good academic standing
    • Maintain regular school attendance, with minimal tardies; students should not be truant
    • Positively represent TCHS and their Academy; students should not have behavior referrals
    • Have a desire to highlight and improve their communication and leadership skills
    • Be committed to attending some after school events, as requested
    • Submit a complete application to the Academy Coach
    • Participate in an interview for the ambassador program


    • Navy Blazer (Provided by school)
    • Maroon Tie/Scarf (Provided by school)  
    • Khaki pants or skirt
    • White shirt/blouse 
    • Dress shoes 


    • New Ambassadors will be required to attend a summer training (one day)
    • All Ambassadors will be trained bi-weekly on leadership skills and events
    • Components of training:  https://goo.gl/wb6XVn


    Ambassador Flyer



    Application Process:

    • Students must complete an application, submit three recommendations, and participate in an interview.
    • Ambassadors will be selected by a committee of Academy members.  

    How to apply:

    • Complete an application:  Ambassador Application
      • Due May 4th, 2020
    • Request three recommendations
      • Send an email/Remind101 message to your teacher/counselor/administrator asking them to complete the form for you.
      • You will need two from teachers, and one from a counselor or administrator.
      • Recommendation Form
    • Participate in an interview:
      • Once you submit your application and recommendations, you will be scheduled for an interview.  
      • Interviews will take place during the week of May 11th-15th.
      • Interviews will be a Zoom video format
    • For questions or additional information, please contact our Academy Coach:




     Academy of Design & Engineering

    Mason Blankenship   g     Victor Afolayan   d


    Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Education

    Abrahim Hamdan  f    Anna Harvey  d

    Micah Maggard  d   Andrew Taylor  d


    Jayden Layne    Elijah Perkins


     Academy of Medical & Emergency Services

    Maya Newby   d    Matthew Handshoe   d

    Maribel Sanches  s   DJeanae Young  d

    Beni Ntagaramba  d   Jacky Delgado d


    Nickolas Gakaba


        Academy of the International Baccalaureate Program & Information Technology

    Madison Camuel   s    Maiya Clark   d

    Julia King  d   Melanie Montes  f

    Quinn Morris   d   Raseel Shalash  f

    John Segebarth   d   Rama Shalash   d

    Jaiya McCargo  d



    Charles Wilson  f   Katelin Shelton  f

    Sally Yousef  3    Liam Cercone   d