• Welcome to the Academy of IB & Information Technology!

    The Academy of International Baccalaureate and Informational Technology provides students with a place to develop skills in creativity, inquiry, and critical thinking so they will be prepared for the demands of college, career, and an ever-changing global society.  The combination of IB and IT courses provides one of the best assortments of demanding college preparatory and IT career related courses.  Students in the Academy of IB/IT can choose the following:

    1.  IT Career Pathways 

    2.  IB Diploma Programme (full or partial)

    3.  Mixture of IB and IT Courses

    Our teachers and staff will guide students through the process of selecting the most appropriate coursework for their needs.  Our goal is to provide each student with an outstanding college and career readiness program.  

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    Computer Programming

    Digital Design & Game Development


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