• Welcome to the Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Education!


    Whether your passion is managing or overseeing a company, developing and marketing your own business, creating a welcoming environment and events for others, or educating our youth, you'll be able to explore many career options in the BEE Academy.

    Business and related careers, like finance, accounting, management, etc., are among the most popular fields of study at universities. Business graduates are diverse, in high demand worldwide, and are often highly paid.

    Teaching and education related careers, such as counselors, social workers, school psychologist, etc. are projected to have steady to high job growth. Those dedicated to teaching and impacting the next generation will likely have many job prospects available to them.

    Through the Entrepreneurship pathway students will prepare to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and process of many of the organizations listed above. Management, decision making, and marketing skills are among the many that are needed to succeed in these careers.

    Every aspect of modern society revolves around business, economics, and education. So, regardless of your interest, the Business, Entrepreneurship, and Education Academy will prepare you for your future.



    Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, & Recreation

    Financial Services

    Management & Entrepreneurship

    Teaching and Learning



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