• Ashland Dress Code

    Other than on theme days, the following is a description of generally acceptable attire for students attending Ashland Elementary School.

    PANTS/SLACKS:                 Khaki, blue or black Prohibited: No jeans of any color, except on predetermined dress-down days. No painter pants, cargo pants, split jeans, baggy or saggy pants, and no pants worn below hip bones.

    BELTS:                                 Belts must be worn at all times (IF the pants have belt loops)

    SHIRTS:                               Solid color polos – three button, collared shirts – no stripes. May also wear solid color, buttoned and collared long- or short-sleeved shirts. Prohibited: No tank tops, muscle shirts, cropped tops, tube tops, bare backs, bare midriffs, bare shoulders, or bare chests.

    SKIRTS/DRESSES:              Khaki, blue or black Prohibited: Miniskirts, mini dresses, short shorts, "daisy dukes" etc.

    SHOES:                               Closed-toe shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes. Tennis shoes or gym shoes are required on gym day. Prohibited: No flip-flops at any time. No high-heeled shoes, except on special occasions.

    SWEATERS:                        Solid color cardigan sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts and turtlenecks.

    SKORTS AND SHORTS:     Dress code skorts and shorts in khaki, blue or black no more than 3 inches above the knee. Prohibited: No short shorts, cut-offs, biker shorts, "daisy dukes."

    OUTERWEAR:                              No hooded jackets or hooded sweaters may be worn during the school day, but may be worn to school. No coats worn during the day unless building conditions require them.

    Any clothing representing illegal activities for minors including drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, or violence may not be worn. Other non-specified items considered inappropriate by the school administration may be prohibited at any time.