• Credit Recovery (OdysseyWare):

    MAKE UP CREDIT ONLY.  OdysseyWare (OW) is a computer-based curriculum that can be accessed from any computer with internet capabilities.  Students must complete all coursework and then take a computer-generated final exam. Students may work at home on OdysseyWare or may attend a two-week summer school session at PLD.  By attending summer school for OW, students receive approximately 30 hours of dedicated work time on school computers with some teacher assistance.  There will be two sessions of summer school—AM and PM—for two weeks. Students who remain focused and work diligently can often earn ½ credit in a two-week period, but this is not guaranteed.  Students who do not finish a course may continue to work at home from any computer with internet access until the course is complete. Time management for completion will be the responsibility of the student and parents.  Students who complete the course after summer school must take their final exam in the counseling office by appointment only after August 1st.  

    The details of summer school sessions at PLD are below:

    • NO CHARGE! OdysseyWare summer school is FREE!
    • Two week period: June 10th - June 21st
    • Two sessions during this two week period:
      • 1st session: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
      • 2nd session: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    • NO FCPS (school bus) transportation provided. NO Lunch provided.

    Online registration has closed. NOTE: A printed contract with parent signature must be returned to the Guidance Office by May 31, 2019.

    Initial Credit (E-School):

    INITIAL CREDIT OR MAKE UP CREDIT.  E-school is a computer-based curriculum offered to Fayette County students through a partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools and managed at MLK Academy.  Students who have internet access can take courses through e-school. Students are required to complete all coursework on the computer and take a computer-generated final exam at MLK for each ½ credit.  All work and final exam must be completed by the first day of school in August or additional charges will be incurred to complete the course.

        • Students must complete an application with their counselor by the last day of school.
        • Counselors will fax or scan a copy of the application to MLK.
        • MLK will email the student/parent an orientation date.  
        • Students and parents must attend the orientation in order to register for e-school classes.  Students must take the original application and transcript to the orientation meeting.
        • Payment must be made at the orientation in cash.  
        • If students have not received an orientation email within 1 week of completing the form with their counselor, they need to let their counselor know immediately.
      • COST:
        • $125 per ½ credit OR $250 for multiple ½ credit courses that are completed in one semester.
        • Reduced lunch: $80 per ½ credit ($160 for multiple ½ credits)
        • Free lunch: $60 per ½ credit ($120 for multiple ½ credits)
        • Courses that are full one-credit courses incur the ½-credit cost.


    Health (E-School):

    HEALTH ONLY.  This course is online and accessible from any computer with internet access. The registration process for Health only does not require counselor involvement/signature nor attendance at an orientation meeting. Students must simply complete this E-School Health Only Application and take the form along with payment to MLK Academy anytime between 10am and 3pm Monday-Friday.

    PE (@ PLD High School):

    PE ONLY.  PLEASE NOTE: It is expected that students who take PE in the summer will also take Health via E-School. Signing up for Health is separate from registering for summer PE; see Health (E-School) section above for more information.

      • PLDHS Summer PE:
        • Two week period: June 10th - June 21st from 8:00am - 3:30pm
        • NO absences allowed for any reason. Students must complete a full day every day for full 2 weeks at PLDHS, no exceptions.
        • NO FCPS (school bus) transportation provided.
        • Lunch must be a packed lunch from home. Students are not allowed to leave campus.
      • Cost:
        • Cost is $160 ($100 for reduced lunch students, $75 for free lunch students).
        • Payment must be cash or money order payable to FCPS; no personal checks.
        • Payment must be brought to PLDHS during the following times:
          •  Wed May 15th: 7:30AM – 9:00AM
          •  Thu May 16th:  3:00PM - 5:00PM
        • Students or parents may bring payment to PLDHS.

    Registration closed Friday May 10th at 3:00pm.