• The MAP tests given in Fayette County schools measure what students know and informs what they’re ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance. Timely, easy-to-use reports help teachers teach, students learn, and administrators lead.

    At Sandersville, students take the Reading and Math versions of the MAP test three times during the year: in the 'Fall' which is usually around the first of September, in the 'Winter' before Christmas break, and once in the 'Spring' towards the end of April. This schedule can vary due to weather and state testing schedules.

    Listed below are some charts that show approximately at which percentage each score falls based on grade level and time of year.  This also varies a bit from year-to-year due to the norms changing as the tests are given nationwide. These are the latest releases from the home company of MAP, NWEA.