• Digital Art --> Title: "Butterscotch Beauty"

    Posted by Melinda Caudill on 12/12/2017

    Butterscotch Beauty


        I created this original digital artwork using the Procreate App on an iPad Pro.  Procreate is a multi-award winning painting app designed for creative professionals. Made exclusively for iPad, Procreate allows you to create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations wherever you are (source).  On the iPad Pro I used an Apple Pencil to sketch, paint, and create.  



    First I drew a big circle in the top left-hand corner using the pencil tool on the Procreate digital canvas (on the iPad).  Next I drew a smaller circle on the bottom right-hand corner of the canvas.  Then, I connected the two circles together to create a horse-shaped face.  I looked at a picture of a real horse to reference as a guide.  I drew the eyes, the ears, and the nostril by looking at the horse features from other pictures.  The eyes became especially interesting by adding highlights using the light tool.

    After sketching the main parts, I cleaned up the messy strokes by using the eraser tool.  Then I added color to the horse with a butterscotch color, that I created, from the color wheel tool.  Next I used the short-hair tool with the same butterscotch color to add texture.  After that, I used the flowing hair tool with a black color to create the mane and bangs.  Finally, I found a wood-grain tool for the background to replicate the side of a barn.  

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