Dear Broncos,
    Since we will be finishing this school year virtually, the yearbook staff is asking for your assistance in featuring as many students, clubs, teams, organizations, and events as possible, especially those that were cancelled (or postponed).  
    We are asking that pictures be submitted using the Josten's ReplayIt app. The photos go straight to yearbook avenue which is the site the yearbook staff uses to create pages. 
    The app is free and easy to use. After downloading, you will be prompted to choose your school. When submitting photos, you will have the option to "tag" specific grades, events, academics, etc. You can also create your own tag (example: Academy of Technology).
    A huge part of the yearbook is dedicated to spring events--prom, Senior Signing Day, Awards Day, spring sports and productions, and of course, graduation. The yearbook staff has come up with some great ideas to creatively still represent each.
    Specifically,  for COVID19 Pages,  we need screenshots of Zoom (etc) classes and meetings.
    If you have already shared pictures, thank you! You do not need to resubmit them.