• SCAPA Bluegrass and SCAPA Lafayette

    Production Season 2018-2019


    Sunrise      October 11,12,14th 2018       Beeler Auditorium         The Taste of Sunrise

    11th and 12th              **10am 12 noon School show** and 7pm Public show

    14th                            2pm and 6pm public show  Link for Ticket Sales!!


    Chitty    November 8-10th, 2018          Opera House                Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.

    8th and 9th                   **10am & 12noon School shows** and 7pm Public show

    10th                                  2pm and 7pm public shows


    Dance      March 7-9th, 2019                    Opera House                 DANCE SCAPA

    7th and 8th                   **10am School show **

    8th and 9th                   7:30 pm Public show

    9th                               2pm Public show


    Poppins      April 18-20, 2019-                    Opera House                Mary Poppins

    18th and 19th               **10am School show** and 7pm Public show

    20th                            2pm and 7pm Public shows



    Lion      May2-5th, 2019                              Downtown Arts Center     Lion Witch and Wardrobe

    2nd                               **10am School show**

    3rd                               **10am School show ** and 7pm Public show

    4th                               2pm and 7pm Public shows