Technology Resources

  • Social Media:

    Fayette County recommends that parents periodically check their children's social media accounts. Read here for more information.

    To find homework assignments

    Click on Team Web Pages and your team. Click on the homework link to find the assignments.

    To get help in Math:

    Use the textbook links which have examples for every subtopic:  go to then click on students links, Math, and you will see them by grade level. Click through the resources and look for tutor or extra examples.

    To help your child transfer files: 

    They can save files on a flash drive and bring them to school or take them home to finish work.  At school students have a network drive that is mapped to the H drive with their name. This drive holds all their work.  The flashdrive will be located in my computer and have a letter of E, or F or G and it will usually say Removable Drive.

    To email teachers:

    Find their names and emails on the team webpages: then click on Staff or Team Web Pages, Teacher Web Pages to find links.

    Access to Microsoft Office:

    Students have access to Office 365 which includes Word, Excel & Power Point. They will need to log into their account using their student email address ( and use their network password.