For Parents/Guardians

  • On this page, please provide some quick, essential information that families need to know -- especially if it's something unique to your school.

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    Family Engagement

    Xxxxxxx School offers a variety of opportunities for families to participate in their child's learning. For instance, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx. 


    All guests must sign in at the front office and wear a visitors tag. xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. Please allow extra time for navigating through our metal detectors.  xxxxxx xxxxxx


    Anyone interested in volunteering at xxxxxxxxxxxx Elementary/Middle/High School must register with FCPS and agree to a criminal background check. You can also find out about districtwide opportunities here.


    Regular attendance at school is essential for success in the classroom. xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx


    xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


    xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

    After-School Care

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

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