Clubs at Lafayette

  • ACADEMIC TEAM                                         Sponsor: Heather Holland

    The Lafayette Academic Team consists of both varsity and junior varsity teams participating in quick recall type tournaments in Kentucky and throughout the Southeastern United States. We also compete in the KAAC Governor's Cup Competition. Topics include world and US history, art, music, literature, math, and science.

    The team practices three days per week after school beginning in September. Students cannot have any D’s or F’s in order to participate.


    ACTS OF KINDNESS (AOK)                         Sponsor: Alex Freeman

    Random Acts of Kindness (AOK) Club’s mission is to do all things with kindness and to make Lafayette a better place by simple acts such as handing out encouraging notes, helping custodians, hand out “love bags” of toiletries, gift cards, etc., or flowers randomly. Member criteria calls for those who must be willing to help others generously with a positive attitude.


    AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE CLUB          Sponsor: Susan Waterbury

    American Sign Language Club is open to anyone interested in learning the basics of sign language. Students are also encouraged to check out ASL books that are available for checkout in the school library.


    ANIME CLUB                                                 Sponsor: Clara Graham

    The Anime Club meets one afternoon per week, after school, for 60-90 minutes. During this time, students watch animated Japanese programs, read manga, draw, and discuss items of Japanese culture. Other related activities, such as Dance Dance Revolution, are occasionally scheduled. Any student interested in Japanese anime, manga, or related items, is welcomed to attend.


    ART CLUB                                                      Sponsor: David Page

    We strive to aid members in attaining the highest quality artwork, build character, and provide service to our schools and community.


    BETA CLUB                                                    Sponsor: Scott Emmons

    Beta Club honorary society is a club that honors students for academic achievement, leadership, and service. It is open to students having high overall grades and displaying school or community service. GPA requirements: (using unweighted grades) Seniors, 3.0, Juniors, 3.2, Sophomores, 3.4 and Freshman 3.6.

    Beta Club members are expected to attend meetings (second Wednesday of every month) during the school year and do at least twenty hours of community service. There is a one-time fee for national dues. Club members attend the Kentucky Beta Club convention and organize Lafayette's Battle of the Bands.


    BOARD GAME CLUB                                    Sponsor: Chris McCurry

    Board Game Club meets after school on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30. Members play strategic boards in a welcoming and collaborative environment. Anyone can join!


    CHESS CLUB                                                Sponsor: TBD

    The Chess Club meets one afternoon per week, after school, for 60-90 minutes. During this time, students play chess, and discuss chess strategies. Some students choose to independently attend chess tournaments, competing in individual and team categories. Any student interested in chess is welcome to attend.


    DECA                                                              Sponsor: Todd Reynolds

    Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is an Association of Marketing Students. Students participate in a number of student activities designed to develop the competencies needed to prepare for and advance in marketing, merchandising and management careers. The DECA Region, State and National Competency Based Competitive Events Programs and Career Development Conferences facilitate effective integration of DECA as an integral part of the total marketing education instructional program.


    EDUCATORS RISING                                   Sponsor: Rhonda Mullins


    FCCLA                                                            Sponsor: Helen Graham

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important family, personal,  work and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. This student run organization competes in Star Events, travels to regional and national conferences and works with other schools in the Unite to Read program. This is a co-curricular club for Family and Consumer Science students. The club meets once a month during class and once a month outside of class. Officers meet twice a month. There is a

    $15.00 affiliation fee collected with class fees.


    FCA                                                                 Sponsor: Kim Grasso

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a national, faith-based organization. Our school club emphasizes developing character, serving the school, and serving the community. Students will have the opportunity to interact with college and professional athletes, listen to local speakers, and participate in social events. While the club focuses on athletes and coaches, anyone is welcome to join or visit the club, and no dues are required. The group gets together every Friday morning at 7:45 AM in Room 206A.


    FIDM Fashion Club                                         Sponsor: Helen Graham

    The FIDM Fashion Club sponsored by FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) allows students to explore the exciting world of fashion and design in general. This club gives students the privilege to to learn about how garments are constructed, some graphic design (dealing with advertisements), a little interior design, and the elements/principles of design as well. Rather than just staying within the school realms, this club will be committed to working with fashion in the community of Lexington to broaden the influence of the LHS FIDM Fashion Club. Students will have the opportunity to create and edit a fashion based magazine; the magazine will consist of fashion advice, news or upcoming events in the school and/or the Lexington community (fashion wise). There will be a fall preview and spring fashion show to showcase the members’ designs. There will be a $5 fee for materials.


    FRENCH BOOK CLUB (La Société Littéraire)           Sponsor: Tracy Lambert

    French Book Club is a way for intermediate French students to improve pronunciation, fluency, and reading comprehension. Our book list includes contemporary young adult literature such as Harry Potter, Twilight, and Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events as well as poetry from well-known French authors. Students in French 3 or above and with various ability levels are encouraged to join us every Friday from 3:30-4:15.


    FRENCH CLUB                                              Sponsor: Tracy Lambert

    Are you interested in learning more about French and Francophone culture? Maybe you’re just starting out in French but you’re not too comfortable with your speaking abilities. The French Club is for you. To be in French Club, you don’t have to SPEAK French—you just have to LOVE French! We meet on the first Monday of every month from 3:30-4:15 to learn something new about French culture and to be around others who share our interest. Oh, and BTW, we ALWAYS have great food, great friends, and great fun.


    FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY                        Sponsor: Tracy Lambert

    French Honor Society is a national recognized, invitation-only group. Any student in French 3 or higher with an A average in French and a B+ average in other classes is invited to join the FHS. This service-based group provides tutors and mentors to lower-level French students. We also have fun while increasing our language skills at our monthly social meetings over coffee. FHS members who complete their service requirement and attend meetings earn the privilege of wearing special blue, white, and red honor cords at graduation. French Honor Society meets the first Friday of every month from 5:00-6:00 PM. On Facebook at “French Club Lafayette High School Lexington Kentucky”


    FRESHMAN CLASS                                      Sponsor: Katie Franklin

    Incoming freshmen are welcomed to Lafayette with an orientation and workshop. A class shirt will be made available for purchase. Students with 3.0 GPA, and acceptable conduct are invited to the end of the semester “Make the Grade” recognition parties in the spring and the fall. Freshmen are also encouraged to run for class officer positions, as well as the freshmen class E-Board.


    GAY STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (GSA)              Sponsor: Julie Bennington & Lauren Sherrow

    Lafayette's GSA is a student-run club that brings together LGBTQIA+ and straight allies to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and advocate for safe schools as well as inclusive school policies. The club welcomes students of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. Join us for fun activities like picnics, movie screenings, and conferences, just to name a few! Contact Ms. Bennington or Ms. Sherrow for further questions. Meetings are held every other Thursday from 3:15 – 4:30 in room 254.


    G.I.R.L.S.                                                        Sponsor: Kathryn Chastain

    This is a Run/Walk club that helps mentor participants with Picadome Elementary’s Girls on the Run program. Students participate in 2 5K runs during the school year. Only requirement is to wear tennis shoes.


    GREEN DOT                                                  Sponsor: Kathryn Chastain

    Green Dot is a bullying prevention program that focuses on how to train students to be active bystanders to help prevent potentially negative situations proactively.


    HARAMBEE CLUB & STEP TEAM               Sponsor: TBD

    "Harambee" is the Swahili word for unity. In Kenya, Harambee, is the name of a Kenyan tradition that involves community service events, eg. fund-raising or development activities, community clean ups. Lafayette’s Harambee Club and other Harambees in the district are founded upon these same traditions. We would like to promote unity in our school through group activities such as a gospel choir, step team and service projects, while creating a platform for students specifically, but not limited to, that of African-American decent, reminding them of their worthy contributions to their own community. All interested students should see the club sponsor for an application.



    A typical play requires a six to eight week time commitment and practices are held both after school and on weekends. Any student interested can be involved. Students are also recruited to work on costumes, set, makeup, sound, lighting and non-acting duties. Lafayette stages one musical and one comedy/drama each year. Interested students also travel to professional performances in Lexington, Louisville, and

    Cincinnati. Students usually enroll in drama class and receive full academic credit for their efforts, but that is not a requirement for trying out for individual productions.


    INTERNATIONAL TUTORING CLUB           Sponsor: Tim Mitsumori

    The International Tutoring Club (ITC) is an after school tutoring club for students who live in bi-lingual households. ITC meets after school in Mr. Mitsumori’s room (205). Students meet from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. Incentive field trips, snacks, and limited bus tokens are provided. ITC is funded through Partners for Youth and the Youth Services Center (YSC). Applications are available in the YSC or in Room 205.


    JUNIOR CLASS                                             Sponsor: Jennie McClanahan and Chelse Bugg

    Juniors host the prom, which requires much of the school year to plan and fund. Class elections are held in the fall and applications are due early in the school year. Students must listen to announcements.


    LAFAYETTE BOOK AND FILM CLUB          Sponsor: Katie Franklin

    Lafayette Book & Film Club is a student lead organization for students of all grades who want more connection to books & films that are not already covered in their English or other core classes. We meet every other Thursday to discuss what we have read for the given section of our chosen book. After each book is read, we gather for a movie party with popcorn, conversations & entertainment. All meetings and gatherings take place in the sponsor’s room.



    The Lafayette Geographical Society is an organization open to all LHS students interested in geography. Besides having lots of fun, the club will promote geography at LHS and work collaboratively with local universities and organizations that support and enhance geographical education and literacy. Geography careers will be explored as well.


    LAFAYETTE MEDICAL RELIEF CLUB         Sponsor: Andrew Denmark

    The LMR club gives Lafayette students a chance to learn about and coordinate fundraising efforts for areas of the world that are in need of direct medical relief, often in the form of food, medicine and first aid. This type of medical relief is typically focused on needs resulting from natural disasters and poverty. This club also provides a place for students to explore different facets of professions in the medical field and hear from guest speakers about what life is like working as a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, dentist, technician, etc. Any and all students are welcome to attend LMR club meetings.


    LEGIT                                                             Sponsor: Kathryn Chastain

    This group provides mentorship for incoming 8th graders while they are visiting Lafayette on their Transition Day to prepare them for high school.


    LIFESTREAM CLUB              Sponsors: Ashley Reed, Susan Owens, and Courtney Williams

    Lifestream is about creating ripples and encouraging students to extend themselves to others in order to foster a better community for all to enjoy. Lifestream meetings encourage students in general education and special education to breakdown barriers through social opportunities. Meetings are held in a relaxed environment, promote positive social interactions, and allow students to make connections with other students. Club members are invited to a weekend event once a month. These outings encourage students to support their classmates in the community, and foster shared areas of interest. It is an opportunity for students to model friendship skills and improve peer interactions.


    MU ALPHA THETA                                        Sponsor: Laura Gravitt and Michele Honeycutt

    Mu Alpha Theta is a national math honorary. Lafayette’s chapter has over 150 members. In order to be eligible for membership, a student has to have taken three (3) college preparatory math classes (must be in Algebra II or higher), has to have maintained an overall unweighted GPA of 3.0 and has to have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 in all math classes. Our service project is a tutoring program for our feeder middle schools and to help with the math ESS program at Lafayette. Members are required to commit to one hour of math tutoring.

    Dues are $20 initially and $10 a year after that. The group traditionally has a social event in the spring at Joe Bologna's.

    NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY             Sponsor: David Page and Sarah Detraz NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY         Sponsor: Rachele Hardin and Heather Holland

    Juniors and seniors are eligible for initiation into the National Honor Society. They are required to have a 3.6 unweighted grade point average. Any student eligible for National Honor Society who has transferred from another school or district must fulfill Lafayette’s requirements for National Honor Society. Election of officers will be held in early fall with students who were inducted as juniors. Induction of new members will be conducted in the spring. Students who have received school consequences for a Major Cheating violation shall be removed from NHS.


    OUTDOORS CLUB                                       Sponsors: TBD

    The Lafayette Outdoors Club is a student driven organization designed to connect members with nature, no matter their background or athletic ability. Members have the opportunity to enjoy activities in the outdoors and raise awareness on its preservation for the enjoyment of future generations. The club provides a challenging environment where students engage in responsible behavior and build leadership skills in the outdoors


    SENIOR CLASS                                             Sponsor: Matt Cornett

    The senior schedule traditionally includes a picnic, lock-in, dinner dance, ice skating and “Senior Class Live”. Senior class officers, according to the Senior Class Constitution, must have an unweighted 3.5 GPA. E-Board Members must have an unweighted 2.5 GPA. The senior class E-Board meets about once a month and organizes a senior class fall and spring event, the Senior Dinner Dance, as well as other events that arise during the year. All seniors are invited to participate in all senior class activities.


    SOPHOMORE CLASS                                  Sponsor: Heather Holland

    The sophomore class elects presidents, vice-presidents, treasurers, and secretaries in the early part of the school year. By October, sophomores may apply for E-Board. Any sophomore can be on E-Board; however, these students must meet behavior standards appropriate for leadership positions. Meetings are held once a month until it is dance season (late February to early April) and then meets once a week. E-Board members must attend the Sophomore Class Dance. There is a fundraiser in the fall.


    SPANISH CLUB                                             Sponsor: Lisa Habersack

    The Lafayette Spanish Club is a social and service club that explores the language and varied cultures of Spanish speaking countries. The club is open to all students currently or previously enrolled in a Spanish language class. During meetings, students celebrate and learn more about the traditions, customs and music of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, including Mexico's Independence Day, El Día de los Muertos, Salsa dance, Cinco de Mayo and the Running of the Bulls. One meeting takes place at a local


    Mexican restaurant and breakfast meetings where “churros y chocolate” are served take place at Lafayette throughout the school year. T-shirts are available for purchase and dues for the year are $10. Meeting times are varied and newsletters to announce upcoming meetings are distributed in Spanish classes. ¡Bienvenidos a todos! (Welcome to all!)


    SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY                       Sponsor: Lisa Habersack

    Spanish Honorary Society is for students with three or more semesters of Spanish, a 3.5 average in Spanish and a 2.0 overall GPA. Activities include formal invitation, initiation ceremony, picnics, dinner, and participation at the state convention.


    SPEECH TEAM                                             Sponsors: Tracy Bolinger & Kenny Stancil

    The Lafayette Speech Team is open to any student at Lafayette. The team competes on state and national levels. Members of the team compete in any one of eleven categories, ranging from solo acting and humorous interpretation to extemp, original oratory and impromptu speaking. The season extends from the end of October through March on the state level and June on the national level. The team competes in tournaments sponsored by the Kentucky High School Speech League, the Kentucky Educational Speech and Drama Association League, the National Catholics Forensics League. Travel is required, with some overnight trips.

    Students also will become members of the National Forensics League based upon their competition on the state level. Auditions are September and May.


    STLP                                                               Sponsor: Chris Bryant

    The Student Technology Leadership Program is an organization that helps develop technology within students from various walks of life. We focus on various technology-based concepts like networking, coding, game development, animation and computer art. We meet once a week after school in Room 133.


    STUDENT COUNCIL                                     Sponsor: Jesse Peters & Sophie Schwab

    The Student Council sponsors homecoming, new student orientation, annual blood drive and toy/food drives. The Student Council tries to give students a positive experience with student leadership and the democratic process. It also tries to unite the students, school administration, faculty, and the community in common endeavors. Interested students may be elected as representatives by petitioning at-large on a limited basis. The Student Council meets twice a month during the school day.


    TABLE TOP/RPG GAMING                          Sponsor: Laurel Regnier

    Tabletop RPG Club is a social club for students who like playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Outbreak undead, and Champions. Players use their imagination to form a simulated adventure.  This club allows anyone to play RPGs of any kind to group up, form new groups, and form new friendships with other players.


    TATU                                                              Sponsor: Jesse Peters & Sophie Schwab

    Teens Against Tobacco Use is a very active committee of the Student Council. Members participate in anti- smoking campaigns in the school and give presentations at area middle and elementary schools.


    TSA                                                                 Sponsor: Marty Nolan

    The Technology Student Association is for students interested in the activities and programs of the Tech. Ed. department.

    Dues - $9.00 National + $3.00 State + $3.00 Local(School) = $15.00

    Participating in TSA activities provides every member the opportunity to develop good attitudes and leadership abilities. Some of the special benefits of membership include:

    • Learn new skills through programs and competitions
    • Develop and use leadership skills
    • Earn recognition and prestige
    • Meet and work with business and industry leaders
    • Learn about careers in technology
    • Plan and attend social events


    Y-CLUB                                                          Sponsor: Sherri McPherson

    This club is open to all students at Lafayette and is sponsored by the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. The club participates in service and fundraising events at school. Members pay $10.00 a year membership fee which entitles them to reduced rates for the extremely popular KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) in November and KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) in March. These conferences last three days and require students to miss two days of school.


    YOUNG DEMOCRATS                                 Sponsor: Whitney Walker


    YOUNG REPUBLICANS                               Sponsor: TBD


    YSC TEENBOARD                                        Sponsor: Kathryn Chastain

    The Youth Services Center Teen Board acts as a student advisory council for the Youth Services Center. This very diverse group of students works together to improve the services of the YSC and to sponsor activities and programs for LHS. At the beginning of the school year, students may apply for an interview and service begins in late September. There are bi-monthly meetings on Mondays after school and 3-4 retreats on non-school days. The Teen Board participates in many team building and leadership trainings as well as diversity education. One school-wide program that the Teen Board sponsors is Mix It Up. Applications are available outside the YSC and should be return