• ACE Singing Eagles

    The ACE Singing Eagles is a group of students comprised of 3rd—5th graders. Rehearsals will be on Wednesdays from dismissal until 4:00 (students will report to the music room when called over the intercom). Students will need to have transportation home from the rehearsal. Please be prompt and on time. If there is no school on a Wednesday, there is no rehearsal.  If Mr. Dillon misses school on a Wednesday, notification home to the parent will be sent as soon as possible. Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, September 12th.

    A SOAR chart policy is in effect for behavior in the ensemble; however, there is also a three strike policy. Strikes can be earned as a result of behavior issues or unexcused absences from rehearsals (missed rehearsals are excused if there is a note sent by the parent to Mr. Dillon). Three strikes will result in dismissal from the group.

    In compliance with the Fayette County dismissal procedures, an adult must come to the front doors of the school building at the end of rehearsal and sign out the student. A sign out sheet will be provided. Students who walk or attend ESP will be signed out by the music teacher. Please understand that it is the parent’s responsibility to be on time for dismissal.

    To participate, fill out the following response form by September 10th, 2018. Paper permission forms will be sent home to interested families.